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Strips of rabbit fur are used to add color accents to various parts of the head. The strips can also be used to divide painted sections of the head or gracefully link different areas of color together. Rabbit fur pelts come in white and black. Other colors by special order.

Rabbit Fur Pelts

White or Black Rabbit Fur Pelt
Item #P015

See Above Image

Color Dyed Rabbit Fur Pelt
Item #P016

Craftsman’s Corner
Craftsman’s Corner

How much rabbit fur do I need?
One rabbit fur pelt is usually a little more than enough to decorate one lion head. Seven foot lion tails with matching pants usually require several pelts. Figure on a couple more for longer tails.

How do I cut rabbit’s fur?
You’ll need a razor blade (not scissors). Study the direction of the hairs. You must cut the underside of the pelt perpendicularly to the direction of the hairs. Next, find yourself a suitable work area. Lay the pelt upside down on the work surface with hairs running left to right (not up and down). Imagine the hairs running from your 9:00 to your 3:00. You should be looking at the skin side, not the hairs.

With your left hand, lift up the upper right corner of the pelt with your thumb and forefingers. At the same time, press down with the palm heel of your left hand. Use your left fingers to pull the pelt taut.

Now take the blade in your right hand and begin slicing in a straight line from your 12:00 to your 6:00. You are cutting perpendicularly to the direction of the hairs. Your technique will improve as your fingers memorize the necessary motions.

• don’t let the razor touch your work surface or you’ll be slicing off hairs
• cut strips in .25" widths
• cut a little, move your left hand a little
• don’t try to salvage the sides of the pelt, the leg areas, or the dried up portions, just discard those

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