Jeff Lee & Corey Chan


AFTER YEARS OF TRAVELING TO CHINA to locate craftsmen and dependable suppliers, we now make our discoveries available to you. We swelter in oppressive heat, struggle with the language, negotiate our way into private workshops, and nurture international business relationships—all to study the art of lion making. Our teachers give us invaluable knowledge and experience, knowledge that deepens our appreciation of the hard work that goes into making a fine lion head. We never dreamt it possible, but after much practice we’re now customizing lions of our own.

You can too. But you don’t have to go all the way to China.

Custom lions can be made anywhere. Now you have a source for everything you need to create lion masterpieces.

Browse the site. Some of the pieces on this website are one-of-a-kind items. We design or make them ourselves. These are treasures we want to create, lions we’d love you to have or make yourself.

Every lion we work on is dear to us. That’s because a small part of our souls goes into each piece. That’s true about all artists, all those who are passionate about their work. It brings us pleasure to see our work on display, but we’re elated to see our creations in actual performances.


We’ve been performing lion dances for over twenty years, for every client type imaginable. Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood film productions, private individuals and organizations, locals and tourists on the streets in our community have enjoyed our lion dances. Our experience gives us firsthand knowledge of what’s important and useful to lion dancers. We know what hinders or enhances performance. We know what audiences enjoy about the lion dance and what entertains. So, if we don’t think a product will please you or your audience, it’s not on our website.

We didn’t have a source like this for products and information when we first started lion dancing. Although we think fondly of the time and effort we spent learning and practicing the art of lion making as well as hunting for the right resources, we know that not everyone gets a chance to travel overseas. We have you in mind when we say we want to be the lion source we wish we had when we first began.

Our message is: Don’t spend your time and money repeating what we’ve done. We’ve done all the legwork for you. Spend your time and talent creating new works of art, designing the lion of your dreams. An extraordinary lion coming to life brings its creator a feeling of pride and accomplishment like no other. We’d be honored to share that feeling with you.


Jeff Lee, Travis Lum, & Corey Chan



To preserve and promulgate the traditional art and craft of the Chinese lion dance. To show the art in the best light possible and to enhance its appreciation by providing custom-crafted equipment and personalized service to those who share
this vision.



Artist of the Month, 2009
The San Francisco Day School is an independent school for K–8th graders whose mission it is to educate, nurture, and inspire children to achieve their highest academic and creative potential, to embrace ethical values, and to become active contributors to their communities. The school’s curriculum is both innovative and challenging, therefore it was a great honor to be chosen as Artist of the Month in January, 2009. Read more in our third newsletter and see photos in our gallery’s In Action section.

Pele Award of Excellence, 2008
The Pele Awards is a creative competition designed to recognize the best advertising and design work created in Hawaii during calendar year 2007. Because our site was conceived and created within the Hawaiian Islands, we were eligible to participate in this prestigious competition., 2007
Our site was selected as being remarkable for any number of reasons, and important to include in the Cool Homepages site index. CoolHomepages has been an important web designer’s resource since 1998, focused on remarkable homepage site design.

Graphic Orgasm Ultimate WebportalGraphic Orgasm Ultimate Webportal, 2007
We were honored by Graphic Orgasm Ultimate Webportal, a daily 100% site design link based web portal. GOUW’s goal is to have an user interface design that stands on the same level as the daily information given to its visitors.

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