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SEND US YOUR STEP-BY-STEP PICTURES and descriptions of lions you designed, restored or built yourself—even if you didn’t buy the materials from us. Every few months we’ll feature one lion that stands apart from the rest. We’ll send the lucky winner a t-shirt from the Can Do Lion Builders Club. Join the club and wear it proudly!

Vincent Nguy Vincent Nguy
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN decaying memories and untapped talent collide? Find out as our newest Can Do Lion Builder, Vincent Nguy, decides to restore his Sifu’s first lion. Nguy’s commitment to excellence spurs him to rebind the lion’s framework not once, but twice! That kind of dedication—so rarely encountered—pays handsome dividends as this proud Zhang Fei lion roars to life once more! You won’t believe it’s the same lion when you see the before and after shots.

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Chris Low Chris Low
LION DANCING IS A FAMILY AFFAIR in Chris Low’s household. Check out a home grown lion at its vibrant best as the author of The Lion’s Cave sets his mind to making a lion for the very best of reasons—as an heirloom for his son! See how the family that makes lions together bakes scions together as they segue seamlessly from one family member’s talented hands to the next as the need for a another lion coincides with the arrival of their second child!

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Bambang Edison Soekanto Bambang Edison Soekanto
SOME PEOPLE JUST have it. What other explanation is necessary? It’s our great privilege and honor to introduce the latest Can Do Lion Builder, Bambang Edison Soekanto. His lions are as original as his name, showing everything the Can Do Lion Builders Club stands for: Passion. Creativity. Daring. We think you’ll agree the wire work in his binding is exceptional. Please enjoy a nice long look at some of the works of an artist whose moment in the spotlight has finally come!

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Ryan Au Ryan Au
OUR LATEST INDUCTEE into the Can Do Lion Builders Club is a high school senior with post-grad ambition in the art of lion restoration. His restoration of his Sifu’s lion clearly demonstrates the patience, skill and creativity that helps one achieve success in the art. Most evident is the love and desire which prompted Au to take on this, his first project. When he’s not thinking about lions, martial arts, and hotties he devotes spare moments to cramming. Way to set those priorities mister. C’mon Ryan, give us a hint about what’s coming next!

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Jared Young Jared Young
THIS PERIOD’S LUCKY WINNER is Jared Young from the San Francisco Wushu Team. Actually, there wasn’t much luck involved in our selection. Young’s skill and the time he devoted to restoring this lion made our selection easy. Just look at the energy coming from those waves. Surf’s up! We hope we’ll be seeing more fantastic creations coming from Young in the future! Thanks Jared, your Can Do Lion Builders shirt is your badge of honor. You’ve earned it!

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