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Lion Angled Front
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Jared Young

JARED YOUNG, FROM NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, practices and performs wushu, Cantonese opera and Chinese folk dance. As if that weren’t enough, he performs and teaches lion dancing. But wait, there’s more.

Lots more.

Young also devotes much of his free time to restoring and customizing lion heads that are in dire need of repair. Some of the lions he has worked on were abandoned; others were given to him with no strings attached—literally, no strings, therefore no blinking eyes and no twitching ears. Young has also fully restored and improved lions for lion dance teams other than his own—saving their lions from being discarded.

The lion you see here is one of those fortunate lions, restored and painted with Young’s new and original design. Auspicious fishes leap playfully out from surging waves. A magnificent dragon undulates in the clouds, toying with


its flaming pearl. Young has boldly chosen to eschew the attachment of hair on the lower part of the eye, opting instead to frame his waves and fish with empty space. The rear of the lion bears the surname of Young’s client, Young’s square seal identifies the work as his.

“Why throw something away when it can be reborn?” muses Young. “According to Taoist teachings, one should think of a circle. You start at the beginning and go to the end. When you reach the end, you return to the beginning.” Young knows what he’s talking about—he’s given new life to several new lions, with more projects always in the works.

Lots more.

We are honored to present Young’s work on our website and look forward to showcasing more of his talents in
the future.

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