Lion of the Season
Ah Bing

Choi Sik Guan Gong


LIONS AREN’T JUST FOR LION DANCERS anymore. More and more connoisseurs are acquiring lions to display proudly in their homes or businesses. Well-designed and finely-crafted lions are works of art.

The Lion of the Season section showcases some of our latest designs. The piece might be one we worked on, or a collaborative. Either way, what you see here is available in extremely limited quantities. There may be a few, but most often there is just one.

A great deal of time and meticulous labor are lavished on every Lion of the Season. It would be difficult to find lions like these anywhere at any price. The Lion of the Season costs more, but craftsmanship always does.


EurekaThe Lion of the Season is made in small quantities in order to create and retain value. To further ensure the rarity of your lion, we will not sell more than one (assuming we have more than one) in the same state or region.

Even if the current Lion of the Season isn’t for you, we hope you’ll return regularly for inspiration to design or create a lion of your own. A rare, singular lion, made even more precious, because it is a work of art made for you!

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