Lion of the Season
Ah Bing

Choi Sik Guan Gong


Fish Stroke Details
Fish Silk Balls
Fish Horn

MEET FISH. A brash, young Bai Yun style Fo Shan lion that will appeal to traditionalists and contemporary lion dancers alike. Two features about Fish are instantly recognizable: the carp horn and the striking spectrum of colors.

The custom carp horn has many meanings—abundance; having the courage to struggle against overwhelming odds and emerge victorious; fertility; profit. According to legend, a carp that manages to leap over the Dragon Gate of China’s Yellow River transforms into a dragon, the most revered animal of Chinese culture. May Fish’s carp horn be as good an omen for you as it is for us!


Fish’s many colors are bold and vibrant, yet the artist connects the colors in an eye-pleasing manner with areas of black as well as expert color blending. Smooth color transitions (i.e. eyelids to cheeks) provide a perfect backdrop for the contrasting silk balls. The colors of the silk balls are deliberately selected to stand out from the frontal portion of the lion.

We’re leaping into fresh waters by offering Fish as our first Lion of the Season. We hope that Fish makes a big splash with you too. Fish on!

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