Lion of the Season
Ah Bing

Choi Sik Guan Gong


“EUREKA!” Uttered by gold miners when the precious metal was discovered in California in 1848, eureka means “I’ve found it!” And now, so have you.

Eureka is a Bai Yun style Fo Shan lion that you’ll feel confident in using at every occasion. Its red and gold tail with matching pants will make it especially welcome at wedding celebrations. The white hair and beard represent this lion’s age and experience. Its bristle hair, so all of the artist’s detailed brushwork can be admired even from afar. Optional lion paws are available; we just can’t include them in the set because everyone’s got different-sized feet.


Just in time for new year’s celebrations, Eureka borrows the colors from traditional red envelopes, and has splashes of gorgeous colors like contemporary hong bao. Chances are, if you dance Eureka during new year festivals, some of that lucky money will be coming your way!

Prospector, there’s gold in them thar hills. But you’d best be quick to stake your claim afore someone bushwhacks
your intentions!

Left Eye Details
Silk Balls Close-Up
Right Soy Details
Bai Yun Wave Pattern Painting
Silk Balls & Mirror Details

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