Lion of the Season
Ah Bing

Choi Sik Guan Gong


ONE WORD DESCRIBES this unique Guan Gong lion: righteous. Most lion dancers know exactly how important Guan Gong is to lion dancing, Chinese martial arts, and Chinese culture. Guan Yu’s sense of righteousness, loyalty, and justice was so admired he was posthumously deified. However, most people have never seen the rarely-produced multi-colored Guan Gong lion.

In some traditions, lions take on more colors as they gain experience and stature by adding new swatches of colorful fabric and new paint colors. This regal lion represents a departure from the common red and black


color combination. It’s been embellished with the variegated colors of Guan Yu’s formal robes. Guan’s ruddy complexion is visible in the colors of the balls, and his long black beard dangles gracefully—just as you’d expect. However, the white rabbit hair accents on the face, tail, and pants indicate this lion’s greater experience and seniority amongst its peers.

Comes with head, tail, and two pairs of matching lion pants. Be the one to ride off into battle with our most righteous Lion of the Season to date at your side. Only the ones most loyal to the art will be able to dance this lion with justice!

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