Lion of the Season
Ah Bing

Choi Sik Guan Gong


TAKE A SIDEWAYS PEEK AT CHEW—Chew as in Whatchu lookin’ at? To stare directly into the eyes of such a creature would be like dousing yourself in steak sauce inside a tiger cage.

Lions may rule the savannah, but the smart money knows beasts don’t get any bigger or more ferocious than tigers. Chew is a traditional He Shan lion (#2 size) with tiger attitude. This ruthless force of nature has a limited color palette that demonstrates how stunning a lion can be, even with only a few colors. Its fur silently undulates as it stalks its prey. Chew earns its stripes as one of the great cats with its magnificently-rendered tiger stripe patterns and grass patterns, beautiful reminders of how a tiger’s stripes


conceal it in tall grasses during a hunt. Tough enough to climb into the cage with the other big cats, yet elegant enough to take to the ball, Chew knows how to play with the alley cats and the “aristo” cats. In other words: You can feel confident in performing with Chew at every occasion.

Anyone who messes with Chew’s tail better have a good plan for dealing with its teeth. Chew can make other lions look like—well, chew toys (we didn’t call it Chew for nothin’). So, if you’re on safari for your next lion, and if the longevity of the previous Lion of the Season offerings are any indication, you’ve got to pounce on this lion before it slinks away.

Fook Character
Spiral with Silk Ball
Tiger Stripes

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