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You can go with our recommendation or specify the kind of fabric you prefer. If you must have a certain fabric in an exact color (nothing else will do), contact us to figure out how much fabric you’ll need, send us your fabric, and we’ll get it done. Please note: fabric colors and supply may vary by the roll and dye lot. If you’re considering having matching pants made, we recommend you delay your purchase until you’re ready to buy the tail and pants at the same time. Specify length and type of hair or tassel to use on the edges. Choose the cut of the fabric: traditional triangle pattern, popular wave pattern, the trapezoid pattern, perhaps even design your own. For the wildly adventurous, try tiger stripes! Of Course Lion Source’s original designs include Corey’s Wave, and our sure-to-be-imitated Golden Coin design. These are just some of the choices to be made when ordering a custom tail.

Custom Tails

Custom Tail
Item #C01

Note: Your custom work needs and deserves consultation with Of Course Lion Source prior to ordering.

Fabric Swatches

There’s a nearly infinite variety of fabrics suitable for tails and pants. Presenting even a fraction of them is impossible. However, here are a few samples with our honest assessments:

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