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All of our dragons are custom made. We have no plans to stock any dragons because when people plan to spend that kind of money, they’re going to want to make some choices. And we applaud them. It’s not custom design if the only question a supplier asks you sounds something like, “Do you want a gold one? Or a red one?” We don’t just offer one or two choices. We’re offering custom design.

Need a dragon? These are some of the questions we’ll ask:
“Do you want a northern dragon (the small, closed-bellied kind used in competitions) or a Guangdong dragon (the large, open-bellied kind seen in parades)?”
“How long?”
“Do you want a shiny (daylight performance) dragon? Or a fluorescent one that glows under UV illumination?”
“What kind of shape would you like the head and tail to be?”
“What kind of dragon pearl (long zhu) do you want to go with that? Civil, martial, flaming or spherical?”

You get the idea.

Custom Dragon

Custom Dragon
Item #CD01

Note: Your custom work needs and deserves consultation with Of Course Lion Source prior to ordering.

Custom Dragon Pearl

Custom Dragon Pearl*
Item #CD02A

Custom Dragon Pearl

Custom Dragon Pearl*
Item #CD02C

Custom Dragon Pearl

Custom Dragon Pearl*
Item #CD02B

*Unless specified as included, pole for Custom Dragon Pearl is not included (to save on your shipping costs). This can be attached to an inexpensive, standard diameter closet rod and fastened with wood screws.

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