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Welton Wong WoodworkerSimply the best.

We could stop right there, but you’d never believe us. From the wood shop of Welton Wong—we are proud to introduce the finest drumsticks we have ever seen or held.

Ironwood DrumsticksIronwood is dense and heavy—instead of floating on water, ironwood sinks. Because ironwood is so hard, it can be tapped on the rim of the drum with little denting. Although the drumsticks do not feel heavy, they are. That translates to more mass. Drummers and physicists will tell you: All things being equal, a more massive stick will produce a louder sound.

Wong travels to the lumber yard and hand selects each piece of wood. If the wood doesn’t pass his scrutiny, he ignores it. Chosen pieces are brought back to the wood shop, and only those pieces that endure the crafting process will be presented to the public.

Wong explains, “It takes me anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to turn a pair of sticks. The reason it takes so long is not the finish on the sticks, but making each stick in a pair match its partner. My sticks are all hand turned on a lathe. If they don’t weigh or feel the same, the pair is worthless to me. I once made a pair of sticks, which I later rejected, and one drumstick felt heavier than the other. As it turned out, that drum stick was .010" larger in diameter on the tapered end. I was amazed at what .010" did to the weight of the drumstick!

Ironwood DrumsticksI don’t make much money crafting drumsticks. You can do the math—4 to 6 hours each pair (not including material or equipment yet). But then again, that’s not why I got into making these sticks.

You see, over a decade ago, I wanted another pair of good drumsticks. I looked high and low without success. There was nothing worthy on the Internet. I looked into making my own. After research, I chose ironwood as my material, but could not find anyone to agree to turn the wood. It seems ironwood is so hard that it dulls the gouges of wood workers. I ended up buying my own lathe. The results are what you see. I love working with my hands and seeing my sticks used in performances.”

Wong describes his finishing method: “The drumsticks are not stained. After sanding, I apply a few coats of hard wax while the sticks are still spinning on the lathe, then I buff them. The shine protects the wood and allows the natural color and grain to show.”

The pride in craftsmanship of individual artists is what we are truly excited to feature on this site. Each pair of Wong’s drumsticks defines that work ethic. We know you drummers will agree.

General measurements for Wong’s drumsticks below. Custom sizes are available.

In nearly every case of hard contact between metal vs. wood, metal comes out with less damage. That’s why axes (with metal heads and wooden handles) fell trees. If any wooden drumstick (including Welton’s) makes significant contact with the drum nails, dents and dings are to be expected. While drumming, avoid making contact with the drum nails. Limit contact to the drumskin and the rounded edge of the drum’s rim to maximize the lifespan of your drumsticks. Pound on the drumskin, tap on the rim.

When (not if) your drumsticks do acquire dents and dings, think of them as badges of honor or battle scars which give the drumsticks character. Thanks for remembering these drumsticks are made of ironwood, not enchanted wood from the magic forest!


12.5" long x 1-1/8" diameter (tapered to about 7/8")
Item #WW01
$110 / pair


13" long x 1-3/16" diameter (tapered to about 15/16")
Item #WW02
$120 / pair


13" long x 1-1/4" diameter (tapered to about 1")
Item #WW03
$130 / pair

Double Tapered (Olive Shaped)

Double Tapered (Olive Shaped)*
13" long x 1-1/8" diameter in the middle (tapered to about 7/8" to 15/16")
Item #WW04
$140 / pair

*Custom foam grip option
Add $25 to price of drumsticks


Short & Long DrumsticksAn affordable entry into the world of custom lion dance equipment. We’ll carve your name or any characters into your wooden drumsticks. Then, we’ll gild the characters with gold leaf for unmatchable elegance. Yes, real gold. You or your favorite drummer will treasure these drumsticks and will want to practice and perform with them time and time again. Purchase a set of our drumsticks or send us the ones you already own. We’ll beautify them, then return them to your eager hands. Protect your treasures with one of our customized drumstick bags.

Short Drumsticks - per pair

Short Drumsticks - per pair
10" long x 1-1/8" diameter
Item #C14
$17 / pair

Long Drumsticks - per pair

Long Drumsticks - per pair
12-1/2" long x 1-1/8" diameter
Item #C15
$22 / pair

Rich Wood Grain Drumsticks - per pair

Rich Wood Grain Drumsticks - per pair
11-1/4" long x 1-1/16" diameter
Item #C24
$35 / pair

Olive Drumsticks - per pair

Olive Drumsticks - per pair
13-5/8" long x 1" diameter (tapered to about 3/4")
Item #C16
$25 / pair

Hickory Drumsticks - per pair

Hickory Drumsticks - per pair
Item #C17
$50 / pair

Carved, gilded Chinese characters

Carved, gilded Chinese characters
Item #CSN02
$50 each

Note: Your custom work needs and deserves consultation with Of Course Lion Source prior to ordering.

Drumstick Bag

Drumstick Bag
Item #C18

Gong Stick

Gong Stick
Item #C21
$20 each

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