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San Francisco Day School

Students in their My First Lions® climbing the stairs.
Even the teachers got in on the action!
Corey, the resident artist and students donning their My First Lions®.
Hundreds of students with their My First Lions®.

IT WAS LIKE BEING IN A HUANG FEI HONG MOVIE when the kids of the San Francisco Day School paraded their My First Lions® all around the school and into the gym. Hundreds and hundreds of lions in every color of the rainbow! They completed their parade with the obligatory dragon dance—two jovial, glittering beasts performed by the youngest students at the school.


Lung Kong Physical Culture Club

Huang Zhong eating
Whiskers eating
Whiskers & Huang Zhong performing the 7 Stars
Huang Zhong & Whiskers posing with Cathy Kai

IT’S BLING MEETS BLING when two of the jewels of Lung Kong Physical Culture Club’s lions grab and keep the ladies’ attention even more than the diamonds do in this jewelry store, one of many stores and businesses blessed by their custom traditional lions this year. And below, two more of Lung Kong’s finest are making the crowd feel young again at a senior home. Hard to tell who’s having more fun (the audience or the performers) at joyous shows like these!

Green Destiny leading the way
Red posing
Red & Green Destiny playing
Green Destiny & Red looking for food

San Francisco Wushu and Lion Dance Team

San Francisco Wushu and Lion Dance Team
San Francisco Wushu and Lion Dance Team
San Francisco Wushu and Lion Dance Team
San Francisco Wushu and Lion Dance Team

JUST ABOUT EVERY LION DANCER KNOWS that having a gorgeous lion is practically a license to flirt up close and personal. Here, lion dancers from the San Francisco Wushu and Lion Dance Team put that knowledge to good use at a wedding banquet. The lions they custom-designed serve them well at all their performances, but as you can see, they really make it easy to break the ice at weddings. Don’t forget to retrieve the digits fellas.

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