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Where it all begins. If you buy a bamboo base frame, you’re serious about building a lion. If you wanted to start any earlier in the building of a lion, you’d have to be farming bamboo plants! We doubt any lion enthusiasts would want to take things that far, but more and more of them are trying their hand at making their own lions from scratch—for the sheer personal challenge and feeling of triumph when the labor is done. Specify style (Fo Shan or He Shan) and size and of lion head you are building (i.e. #2, #5, etc.)

Bamboo Base Frame

Bamboo Base Frame
Item #P001

Many lion dancers prefer aluminum base frames because they feel more rigid than their bamboo counterparts. Aluminum’s other advantage over bamboo? You won’t ever have to worry about bugs munching on the base frame! Specify style (Fo Shan or He Shan) and size and of lion head you are building (i.e. #2, #5, etc.)

Aluminum Base Frame

Aluminum Base Frame
Item #P052

Craftsman’s Corner
Craftsman’s Corner

The technique of binding bamboo strips to the base frame must be correct in order to ensure the joint’s strength. While no joint can protect against poor handling or constant, abusive shaking, an inferior joint is likely to come apart more quickly. If several of these major joints fail, the lion head can separate from the base frame, rendering the lion unusable. Repair any of these broken joints as soon as possible after noticing them—the proverbial stitch in time certainly applies in this case.

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