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Not everyone lives close to or has the opportunity to shop in a Chinatown. For some lion dancers, even if they had the rare opportunity to witness a traditional lion dance puzzle (qing) being performed, they might never have the chance to perform it themselves because the props or materials just weren’t available. To our fellow lion dancers we happily say, “The wait is over.”

Note: some lion dance teams replace traditional or symbolic items with literal counterparts, losing some of the cultural symbolism and flavor of these puzzles. An example would be to use a lifelike plastic crab to perform the crab puzzle. While this might please neophyte onlookers, educated audiences might view this as an insult to their intelligence.

Why? Two reasons. Number one: A plastic crab is molded to look exactly like a crab. One bite and the show’s over. The traditional way of setting up the crab puzzle requires the use of various items, which sometimes includes weapons. After the puzzle is arranged it resembles a crab, but it requires many more steps to solve correctly. The dance lasts longer (bringing more luck), and tests the skills of the performers. Number two: Using a plastic crab is too obvious! Where is the delicious subtlety? Where is the imagination required of the audience? Traditional martial artists also look down on this practice of prop substitution for in the old days lion dancers were expected to perform with any and all weapons used in the puzzles immediately after their lion dance in order to earn the red envelope containing the real payment for the performance.

Disclaimer: Lion dancing has inherent risks of injury. Lion dancing with or on various objects multiplies that risk. Of Course Lion Source, its owners and employees are not liable for any injuries sustained while practicing or performing with the various items from the puzzle kits. Do not take unnecessary risks or attempt feats beyond your abilities. Use safety equipment, spotters and common sense. For use by lion dancers under qualified instruction and adequate supervision only. Make sure to have a comprehensive health insurance policy before you start practicing and practice safely!

Photos are for illustrative purposes and to show scale. We do not advocate standing or jumping on any of the puzzle kit items.

Crab Kit

Various crab puzzles (xie qing), employing the use of different items, were presented by people in the fishing or restaurant trades. Our crab puzzle kit contains everything you need to perform a martial version of this entertaining routine, including butterfly swords.

Crab Kit
Item #AP001

Centipede Kit

The centipede puzzle (wu gong qing) challenges your ability to make your lion look lifelike in stalking this venomous creature. A keen sense of balance is required of the performers in order to perform with the sturdy plastic bowls. The kit comes with double daggers to perform with after the lion dance. Show the audience members your martial background!

Centipede Kit
Item #AP002

Drunken Lion Kit

A good performance of the drunken lion routine (jiu qing) never fails to win the crowd’s applause. Our kit includes a sturdy earthenware jug, fabric wine label, and stopper. Finish your show with the Drinking Buddies scroll, available separately. Quantities extremely limited. Bottoms up!

Drunken Lion Kit
Item #AP003

Wedding Gifts Presentation

Bring cultural flair to your wedding lion dance performances by presenting the newlywed couple with these three attractively bagged symbolic gifts. The Auspicious Lion Welcomes the New Bride always pleases savvy audiences who know that each item represents a deeply meaningful fortuitous wedding wish. We carefully select each item for its traditional lucky meaning to make your lions look good by offering something in return for the red envelopes.

Note: items are intended for use as symbolic wishes, not for actual consumption. Substitution of items may be necessary due to seasonal availability; rest assured that any substitutions will also carry appropriate symbolic meanings.

Wedding Gifts Presentation
Item #AP004

Please visit again! New puzzle kits continually being added!

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