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Are you having a hard time painting your lion? Do the strokes seem clumsy or somehow off a bit? It might not be your hand. It might be the brushes you’re using! Get yourself a set of our traditional maobi specially-designed for painting the beautiful and powerful strokes you see on lions, dragons, etc. These are the exact brushes used by master lion artisans. Enjoy the incredible satisfaction of painting or touching up your lion today!

Detailing Brushes

Detailing Brushes(three brushes)
Item #A058

Paint jobs on lions are judged by intricacies like pattern type and complexity, color selection and harmony, and layering. If a paint job has just one level of painting above a solid background, the paint job is considered sub-standard by lion head aficionados.

Add the illusion of depth to your lion painting by blending colors. The highly desirable effect is achieved by loading multiple colors on a brush. Our blending brushes make it simple to create the beautiful effect of gradually changing one color into another on your lion. The fibers are carefully chosen to hold plenty of paint while being soft enough to easily mix the colors. Pick up a set of these along with our Paint Brush Set and you’ll be ready to paint like the masters.

Blending Brushes

Blending Brushes(three brushes)
Item #A059

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