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Don’t get caught using lipstick or red paint to dot your lion’s eyes, not when you’ve finally found a source for genuine cinnabar (zhu sha). The eye-dotting (kai guang) ceremony is the most important event for your lion. It’s the traditional ritual which brings the lion to life. We offer cinnabar in the crafted ink stick or powdered forms. For those of you who need the works, we have a kai guang set, which includes a cinnabar ink stick, inkstone (yantai), and a Chinese writing brush (maobi).

Helpful tips: Mix zhu sha with water and vegetable oil in a hollowed piece of fresh ginger. Prepare all that you’ll need on a decorated tray. The eye-dotting ceremony happens only once for a lion—you’ll want to use the right materials for the best presentation.

Note: In compliance with USPS safety regulations, we can’t send cinnabar through the mail. It’s available to our clients for local pick up only. We apologize for the inconvenience, but everyone’s safety is most important.

Cinnabar Ink

Cinnabar Ink Stick
Item #A036
Sold out

Cinnabar Powder

Cinnabar Powder
Item #A037

Inkstone (yantai)

Inkstone (yantai)
Item #A038

Writing Brush (maobi)

Writing Brush (maobi)
Item #A039

Kai Guang Set

Kai Guang Set
Item #A040

Caution: The toxicity of cinnabar (HgS) is undetermined, however, Mercury’s (Hg) toxicity to humans is well-documented. Better to err on the side of caution and treat cinnabar as if it were a toxic substance. Dispose of properly in a sealed container. Wash hands after handling and do not take internally. Call a physician or poison control if accidentally ingested. Keep out of reach of children.

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