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    (Lion Dance Exercise Course)


Finally—a book that explains skills from both northern and southern lion dancing! The author, Duan Quan Wei, chose to write this book as more of a technical manual, showing many photographs of the nuts and bolts of both disciplines.

Wu Shi Yun Dong Jiao Cheng illuminates the often-neglected art of northern lion dancing. There are sections covering the basic hand movements and footwork, but the book doesn’t stop there. It goes on to explain advanced jumping techniques, the role of the yin shi yuan (the lion teaser), basic routines with paired lions, and a complete compulsory performance on three tables for two lions and the lion teaser. Everything is painstakingly photographed.

The book also contains explanations and clear photos of basic and advanced stances for the southern lion. It continues with an invaluable section on how to practice the difficult jumps done in competition. The photos of the partners performing without the lion costume make it easier to understand how athletes at the higher levels perfect their skills. And speaking of higher levels, there’s also a fully-illustrated compulsory performance on poles and wire cables.

Paperback, Chinese language, 8" x 5.5", 240 pages.

Wu Shi Yun Dong Jiao Cheng

Wu Shi Yun Dong Jiao Cheng
Item #MB03

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