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The celebrated Liu Jia Liang singlehandedly reinvented the martial arts movies with his incomparable work at Shaw Brothers. Martial Club is one of his finest efforts. The stellar cast includes Liu Jia Hui, Hui Ying Hong, and tough guy Wang Long Wei in a refreshing change from his typecast roles. Not enough good things can be said about this movie. Parents love it because no one gets killed. Martial artists hail it as an action masterpiece (sans wire-assisted stunts) that offers an exciting, unbiased comparison between northern and southern Chinese martial arts. Traditionalists love it because it clearly shows the importance of the most basic stance work in Chinese martial arts. And finally, lion dancers place it among their all-time favorite lion dance movies for the unforgettable lion dance battle. The opening of the movie features important information about proper lion dancing etiquette—so vital to the art that it should be considered a prerequisite for all lion dancers. If you only have room for one lion dance / martial arts movie in your library, this should be it.

Martial Club

Martial Club
VCD, Chinese language
Item #MEM05

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