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    (Lion Dance Exercise Course)


A brand new work (in traditional Chinese language) from Master Guo Wei Kang. We have ten signed copies of this magnum opus from this well-known lion dance master. Young master Guo packs a lot of old age wisdom into this rare and valuable reference manual. Filled with gorgeous color and black and white photos from modern and bygone days, this work covers subjects that other lion dance reference books do not. There’s valuable how-to information, other mythical beasts, and most notably many different traditional lion dance puzzles that haven’t been seen outside of Asia. Even if you don’t read Chinese, if you love lion dancing, you will love this little gem!

Paperback, Chinese language, 8.25" x 5.5", 256 pages.

Author-signed copies of Shuo Shi

Author-signed copies of Shuo Shi
Item #MB01

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