Lion Head Structure Limited Edition Ao Yu Horn


Custom work gets noticed. Whether you’re talking about cars, kitchens, mountain bikes or golf clubs, to get top-quality craftsmanship you have to know where to find the craftspersons. Then, somehow, your idea has to be communicated to the artist(s) most responsible for producing your work.

Custom work is not stocked. Custom work is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. We encourage you to visit other websites to compare. Other suppliers stock “custom lions”; we feel that their “custom lions” aren’t custom made if the suppliers insist that all of the performers fit into the same sizes of lion shoes and pants. Six year-old kids just don’t fit the same pants as six-foot adults, and we don’t think you should be the one to have to alter those pants. We believe you feel the same way too.

Your custom order will be its own stand-alone order. Its delivery time won’t hinge upon the delivery of someone else’s order. You won’t ever be asked to contact a complete stranger and say something like this: “Uh, hello. You don’t know me, but I’m X Supply Company’s Customer X. I was told to contact you because my items are in your shipment. Could you please send them to me? No, those aren’t extras. Those are my items. Hello?” You won’t get dozens of extra things you didn’t order and be asked to pay for them later.

Buying lion dance equipment can be a nightmare. Even if you speak the same language the factory worker does, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll give you the attention a truly custom job deserves. It takes time to ask the right questions, offer suggestions, make specifications, etc. Who has that kind of time when it’s your international long distance call? Will the person answering the phone be able to communicate your desires to the artist accurately?


When you commission Of Course Lion Source to produce your custom lion, you’ll be conveying your ideas to someone who knows how to listen and how to ask the right questions. There’s a lot more to customizing a lion than just requesting “a gold lion”. There are many choices to make (if you want to make them), and now, for the first time,
you can.

Custom work is more expensive, but people that acquire custom work know the value is in the finished product they’ll treasure and be proud to own. When you invest in true custom work, whether it’s from Of Course Lion Source or other artists, you know you’re supporting people who have passion—people who have an interest in seeing the art preserved and improved.

Some words about price: Low prices are great if you’re buying commodities. Custom work and most of what we offer aren’t commodities. There are big differences in levels of quality and price. If lions were bought based solely on the lowest price, the reward would go to those without qualms about cutting corners and rushing just to lower production costs. Soon, everybody would have the same-looking junk and nobody could get a great lion anywhere at any price. Maybe not your problem today, but what about your kids or your grandchildren? We’re all responsible for preserving this art for future generations.

The money will come back. Help your art flourish. Buy from artists instead of corner cutters.

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