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Ear In Progress

Ear Final

Ear Repair
Lion head lovers prize a well-made lion framework. Sometimes they prefer to strip a lion down to the bamboo / rattan and rebuild on the existing framework instead of purchasing a new lion. If you belong to this category and cannot part with your lion’s ears, yet cannot use your lion because its ears are in poor condition, we offer the service of restoring your lion’s ears to as close to their original condition as possible. The service includes repairing the framework of the ears, pasting new paper, painting, and reattaching the hair from the original ears.

Ear Restoration Example

Lion Ear Restoration - pair
Item #CS04
$300 and up

Note: Your custom work needs and deserves consultation with Of Course Lion Source prior to ordering.

Bristle Hair Sewing - pair of ears

Bristle Hair Attachment
When you’ve got to have it done the old-fashioned way, we offer the traditional hand-sewing of bristle hair onto the ears. This service is offered separately from the painting service. Bristle hair sewing should be performed on finished ears. Other types of hair can be hot-glued onto the ears.

Bristle Hair Sewing - pair of ears
Item #CS05

Note: Your custom work needs and deserves consultation with Of Course Lion Source prior to ordering.

Craftsman’s Corner
Craftsman’s Corner

Some words about laser paper and specialty fabric ears: There are countless laser papers with unlimited variations of holograms. Unless sheets of matching laser paper are provided, it might not be possible to closely match your lion’s existing ears. The same goes for ears that have fabric exteriors, like the popular sequined fabrics. There’s no industry-standard laser paper or specialty fabric.

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