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Miniature Fo Shan Style Lion | Size ComparisonWe have great news and some even better news. First the great news: from She Ji Feng in Hong Kong comes the new line of lion dance miniatures. After months of absence, the artist finally unveils what his workshop has been painstakingly creating—the perfect marriage between hand craftsmanship and digital precision.

To say that these miniatures are stunning is an understatement. Nothing else comes close. They look far better than most of their full-sized counterparts and are infinitely worthy of display in your home or office. The southern lions feature illuminated eyes that can really blink! Although you may be tempted to play with these creatures, they are not toys. These mythical beasts are for serious collectors at a not-so-serious price.

Digitally-enhanced production methods reduce the amount of labor required to make each animal. That doesn’t mean hand craftsmanship has been eliminated. Each piece must still be carefully painted, detailed, and inspected prior to shipping. With several styles and options to choose from, there’s no reason you can’t have the lions of your dreams at an affordable price—no matter how large or small your living space may be! So treat yourself or someone who deserves special recognition to something from this fantastic menagerie! Everyone will know they’re looking at miniatures that have no equal.

Now for the even better news: you can own the world’s finest lion dance miniatures for less than $90 each!

Fo Shan Style Lion Full Fo Shan Style Lion Close Up Fo Shan Style Lion with Simulated Mountain Goat Fur

Fo Shan Style Lion
Item #MM04

Malaysian He Shan Style Lion Angle Malaysian He Shan Style Lion Front

Malaysian He Shan Style Lion
Item #MM05

Traditional He Shan Style Lion Full Traditional He Shan Style Lion Close Up

Traditional He Shan Style Lion
Item #MM06

Hai Lu Feng Qilin (Ruilin)

Hai Lu Feng Qilin (Ruilin)
Specify gold or green, green ruilin pictured
Item #MM07

Kejia Qilin Kejia Qilin Detail

Kejia Qilin
Item #MM08

Fo He Hybrid Lion Fo He Hybrid Lion Detail

Fo He Hybrid Lion
Item #MM09

Taiwanese Lion

Taiwanese Lion
Specify green or red, red lion pictured
Item #MM10

Hai Lu Feng Pixiu

Hai Lu Feng Pixiu
Item #MM11

Jin Shi (Golden Lion) Full Jin Shi (Golden Lion) Close Up

Jin Shi (Golden Lion)
Item #MM12

She Ji Feng Miniature Lion Dance Drum Lung Kong Physical Culture Club Kei Lun Martial Arts

She Ji Feng Miniature
Lion Dance Drum

Expertly sculpted and molded to perfection, this little wonder is about the size of a softball, and it’s the perfect stand for your mini lion. The top is removable, revealing a storage space for small valuables. The drum can be painted to your specifications and customized with your group’s name (may incur additional cost).

Item #CM17

WOW. DOUBLE WOW. From the workshop of Hong Kong artist She Ji Feng come the most detailed lion dance figurines in existence. Made by collectors for collectors, these stunning miniatures capture the spirit of these traditional dances with breathtaking detail. To give you a sense of scale, the heads are about the size of a tennis ball. These rare figurines were made even more collectible because they were discontinued in 2007. We procured only one of each, so if one of them captures your fancy, seize the day! Protective plexiglass case (not shown) and display stand included.

Zhang Fei Lion Close Up Zhang Fei Lion Full

Zhang Fei Lion
Item #MM01

Jin Shi (Golden Lion) Close Up Jin Shi (Golden Lion) Full

Jin Shi (Golden Lion)
Item #MM02

Ruilin Close Up Ruilin Full

Item #MM03

From lion dancers and Sinophiles to collectors and everyone else in between, everyone will adore our collection of miniatures. They can be used for display or teaching purposes, and they’ll make coveted incentives and rewards. Gifts like these will be treasured forever. Imagine the looks of amazement on everyone’s faces when they see these wee wonders!

Miniature Lion Dance Drum

Miniature Lion Dance Drum
About the size of a tennis ball, this tiny drum brings huge smiles. The hollow drum body is made of wood, and the drum skin is actually playable!

Item #CM16

Custom Painted Miniature Lion Dance Drum Custom Painted Miniature Lion Dance Drum

Custom Painted Miniature Lion Dance Drum
One of the best gifts you can give to any lion dancer! Mini drums can be painted to resemble your group’s full-size drum, or you can design something completely original.

Item #CM16A

Note: Your custom work needs and deserves consultation with Of Course Lion Source prior to ordering.

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